Monday, May 14, 2007

Bob's fourth graders did not do well on the TAKS test, either math or reading - much lower passing rates than last year - and he really feels that they have not learned their math, that it isn't just a testing artifact. He is sad and it has to be hard to go through the last week and a half with an injunction to keep teaching them math so they won't start next year behind, but very little motivation among the kids. Its hard to know what happened. He used many of the same techniques that worked well on TAKS preparation last year. I don't know how responsible it is appropriate for him to feel. He is supposed to teach them the math - and you can't teach someone who is not focused on learning. I hope this doesn't keep him from getting a job in Austin, since now he really feels like it would be better to have a fresh start somewhere without the history of this disappointment.

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Ruth said...

I don't think it will keep him from getting a job in Austin. Poor Bob. It is hard to get through these last few days when the kids are done. I'm noticing here some of the kids are saying "what does it matter" about anything Chris says or does because they are done AND angry about his leaving. It's so frustrating to watch them miss how hard this leaving is... and to throw away their oppertunity to keep the last part good.