Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers' Day has ended and I feel good about the day, really loved by the generations that come after and connected to the generations that came before- right. I spent the day surrounded by family - cooking breakfast for the crew, feeding it to KK in bed where she lay exhausted from having danced until midnight at Ruth's friend's wedding last night, reveling in Danny's delight as he prepared breakfast dessert (Ooey Gooey chocolate delight) for all, enjoying church with a sleepy KK and a very grown up communion recieving Danny, spending a quiet afternoon with Ruth while Bob took the kids out, buying books, eating supper with Joanna while the kids played. I am tired tonight and struggle with the details of my busy life but really, it couldn't get much better than this. I just need to remember.

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Ruth said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Thank you so much for the million ways you mother us all and make our lives better. I'm grateful to have a mama who thinks ooey goeey breakfast is acceptable once in a while and with whom I can share shows like Everwood and the Practice. I love all the ways we can share delight and seriousness.

(And yes I was nauseous this morning too--though no where NEAR as bad).