Monday, April 23, 2007

Big Day. Bob is really doing the job application process here in Austin and odds look good. They are building a new elementary school, Overton, which will be a low income, Title
One school with lots of opportunities for nature study because of its location near Decker lake and ponds. Bob was called back almost immediately after emailing in his letter of interest and we delivered a resume to the principal (currently at another school) and also to an Alliance School which needs a second grade teacher. Bob has so much to offer and actually looks as good on paper as in the flesh. At this point I do think he'll be back next year, and that will be good for all of us.


Ruth said...

I'm so hopeful for you both. It would be wonderful to have the family back in town and for Bob to find another school where he feels both supported and like he's making a difference.

Mary said...

I agree with Ruth!

I am finally catching up on your blog, Victoria; not enough to write thoughtful comments like you always do, but at least to enjoy reading about your life. I so appreciate your regular involvement with my blog. In fact I check back frequently just to see if there are comments! (I do get email alerts, but not to an address I check often. Besides, this way it is more or a surprise!).

Hope that you have a good Friday and lovely weekend.