Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sweet Sunday. Danny's First Holy Communion is only two weeks away and the preparations are of the usual high quality a St. Austin's. Danny is excited he will be able to participate in the mass more fully and receive God's love in a new way. He seems to get communion as a medium of connection - a beautiful thought.

Spring is outdoing herself this year - probably because of cool temperatures and lots of rain. Bob, Lobo and I walked at McKinney Falls this afternoon and, on a trail very familiar to us both, were astonished by the size and richness of the wild flowers. They were the same kinds as other years - but more, taller, brighter, healthier. I felt immersed in a painting executed by a hopeful creator. Bob and I (not Lobo) went out for Tex Mex later at Maudie's, a restaurant Ruth recently told us about. It was fun. Fun has its place and sometimes I forget that.

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