Wednesday, April 18, 2007

233 people were killed by bombs in Iraq today, 200 more than in Blacksburg Monday. There is a lesson for me in the balance of those numbers - a perspective lesson. Its interesting how as the days pass I understand Bob's lens better, the lens of global perspective.

Today kids all over Texas - fourth graders at least - finished their TAKS tests. Bob's kids finished. He thinks they did well on reading and he isn't sure about math. KK finished and seems tired but satisfied. There was no homework for KK today or Danny either. He and his Daddy went on a field trip t the Austin Nature Center, which was fun. This sunset Ruth took pictures of the kids in a field full of bluebonnets (very Texas tradition) and the five of us wend out to Fudruckers for hamburgers (family tradition). It was fun watching Ruth in photographer ode and the kids posing and preening, gorgeous compliant, helpful kids with great style sense. We had a good evening and its later than it seems now. I will be responsible and go to bed.

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