Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm writing here tonight to write, to reclaim the possibility of writing here. I've gotten so far behind that I'm afraid I will not pick up this thread again - so late at night in the middle of Passover under the big but waning moon I commit to myself to start writing a little here every day again, to backtrack and pick up pieces. Writing is so much easier when I have some kind of momentum- flow, and I've lost that. Time to create it again.

It is full spring, Passover, Holy Week, almost Easter. The world is newly green, but green, no more blossoming trees. When I look out my window I see a canopy of leaves - leaves everywhere - have to make an effort to see sky. Its easy to forget the bone structures of the trees, so visible a month ago. Seasons shift quickly. The children's trees are growing beautifully. I saw a squirrel in Danny's tree the other day - first squirrel I remember there.

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Ruth said...

I'm glad you are back--maybe we'll spur eachother on!

Sweet to think of a squirrel in Danny's tree: I know he's excited about it one day being big enough to climb. Strange to think Zachy will be starting kindergarten so soon... time does fly by.