Monday, September 11, 2006

Its been almost six months since I touched this blog. Computer problems last spring shut me down, but since June I've just been stuck in inertia. The fall change is upon us here - rain falling, temperatures also falling out of the miserabl ot range - energy rising. By act of will, I am reviving this blog starting tonight.

I think tonight of lives lost five years ago when the twin towers fell and the Pentagon was attacked. I think of all the lives lost and changed in the wars and terrorist attacks that have occured during the last five years. I mourn. And I grab hold of this moment, this breath, this night and commit myself to a life focused on healing not hurting, life not death.


Ruth said...

I'm glad you are back. And a fitting time to do it. It's strange how hard I found it to blog about Septemeber 11th... I wonder why it is that sometimes it's easier to talk about fluffy subjects than those that have more meat. I feel guilty of that sometimes--dedicating too much time to the simple and delightful and not enough to the heady and challenging. I'm glad you started writing again. Maybe you'll inspire me to write more in depth.

SeaStar said...

Ru, I don't know if I inspired you or what, but your photojournal is rich with depth today. In fact it usually is, allowing me to know you even better than I already do.