Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It is too late to write as much as I want and still get up for work in the morning, but in keeping with my desire to keep posting regularly, I will at least report in. The last three days have been good ones. Danny really liked the kick off mile run for Marathon Kids on the University of Texas track. He has until February to run all but the last mile, which will also be run on the track in a group. Marathon Kids is a neat program promting fitness and nutrition. In addition to t he running both of my school age grands have signed a pledge to eat five fruit or vegetable servings a day (and received fun plastic bracelets to remind them of their promises). This grandma (without even getting a bracelet) has also been reminded and is more vigalent about getting enough fruits and veggies every day. I'm wondering if any of the rest of you have grands associated with Marathon Kids.

The gymnastics meet was a good one for KK, with improved scores, especially a high score in vault. We were all proudest of her lowest score because it showed the kind of resilience we so admire. She had one of those going blank moments early in her floor exercise and just didn't remember the moves - right there in front of everybody - but she held her composure and the body memory came back and she came back so strong on the last tumbling run that she still stayed above eight even on that event. Its not the score that impresses me so much as the holding on in face of adversity, not choking.

The thread about balancing focus with kids has ben encouraging. KK is working so hard right now, and she deserves attention for that (and focusing on it and her is fun). We just need to keep remembering the boys. Danny has a camp out next weekend with his Mom, so that is special for him. And Zach is young enough that it is not hard to do things that he finds novel and special.

I had a delightful Sunday and Monday with Bob. Yesterday we swam in the still warm gulf and visited favorite birding spots. The songbird migration is around midpoint here and we were at a favorite pond near dusk where we enjoyed seeing ten kinds of warblers. I got a great view of an eastern water thrush, a bird I have recently learned to identify. And we has fun listening to a very experienced birder discource on everything we saw - and much I wouldn't have seen without her presence. The black terns (not black in this season) were flying high overhead on their way to Peru and her appreciation of their habits, destination, and delicate wing beats touched me. It is so much fun to be around people who are passionate about and know thoroughly just about anything.

Today at Bob's school I wat in the back of the room making folders and listened as he taught thorough review lessons on big numbers and rounding. He is really in the teaching flow and watching that is such a treat. I especially enjoyed talking with some of the fourth graders I've known since second grade. They are more reserved now, less transparent (and of course bigger) but still warm with me and that was a treat. I will be spending a couple of days in the classroom in November and I'm looking forward to that.

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