Friday, September 15, 2006

I am very aware tonight how important it is for me to moderate work flow - to take breaks between clients. I worked too many sessions back to back today and ended th day strung out and irritabl - unable to handl changes in plans well. Balance is so hard.

My last activity of the day was a delight. I was Danny's Boy Scout Buddy aat his first pack meeting as a Wolf Cub. Danny seemed to fit in easily with the boys, engaging in a skit which was really very funny (so simple and yet genuinely funny). I liked the men who lead the pack, their obvious pleasure in scouting and each other as well as in the kids. They talk about working to design meetings that are fun for the boys and also encourage listening, paying attention, and group discussion. One thing the boys did was communally generate a "code of bhavior" for hte meetings. They also had crab and bar walk racs. Next weknd Danny and Joanna will go on a camp out near Bastrop. Sounds like fun.

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