Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today was a very good day - exciting morning participating in a work day at the dance department at KK's arts high school, so much fun sorting and cataloging tons of costume items and getting to know teachers, students, families. I have so many happy memories related to theaters, onstage and backstage, and today fit right in. It is wonderful to see KK thriving at school and in dance (she's doing arial work now, flying upside down in the harness with a troupe called Blue Lapis Light). She added an idea which was accepted into the choreography today. When the orchestra on stage plays "CanCan", the three girls in the harnesses will launch into the dance, upside down! This will bew something to see. Also, it rained just a little today, not enough to ease the drought but soothingly to all and enough to make us remember rain exists. Liam and I took a walk at the very end of dusk, silvery clouds light against the deep dark sky. Liam circled my index finger with his sweet strong grip. "I like the dark, Grandma." he said. I like it too, but it is better to walk in the dark with someone who loves you.

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Mary said...

I agree it is better to walk in the dark with someone who loves you. What a touching picture I have of this scene, you and Liam together with his little hand gripping yours.