Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hard day at work - so much sorrow and just mental complexity keeping up with people's needs, feelings, plugging in the best systems and thoughts I can to be helpful. Some days are just tougher than others. This evening was great though at home. Bob fixed pasta, Ruth added chicken, and Sir Liam Alot ran around in his knight costume requesting we play "dragon". KK is on the center harness now for the upcoming Blue Lapis Light show, nervous but excited. I spent a couple of hours out in her little house knitting Paula's gorgeous yarn (completely spoiled me now for cheap acryllics!) while KK answered questions for English about a disturbing story by Joyce Carrol Oates - in which a teen age girl has a (hopefully dream) coinfrontation with the devil. I'm impressed that KK has gotten excited by the academic side of school and is enjoying things like learning her figures of speech. She is excited to teach me things I don't know, like that "the lord of the flies" is a name for the devil. Learning to read was so hard for this kid. I think I gave up on ever having conversations like the one tonight with her, accepted that loss, and now it isn't a loss at all. The conversations are happening.


Peggy said...

Great to get back to your blog! I had gotten out of the habit! Love to you--and it was such a joy to knit with Paula's yarn!

Mary said...

I love to read about your relationship with KK. You each are such a gift to each other.