Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ruth cut my hair tonight. It's wonderful to have someone in the famiy who can do that so I like it. It's wonderful to be able to eat dinner with the family on the deck and feel a touch of fall in the air. I'm relieved KK is enjoying the beginning of high school, thriving and dancing up a storm, learning that literature is more interesting than she ever expected. Liam is a breath of fresh air, runs into my room to tell me dinner is ready with the joy of innocent childhood and pure love. I feel so appreciative of being loved. Bob took me at lunch today to a program at Ballet Austin, a preview of Stephen Mills new ballet The Mozart Pruject, shich impresses me immensely. I felt so blessed to have a husband who not only shares my interest in the arts but has the organizational skills to figure out what is showing where and get us to various events. I am in a place of counting blessings, especially those that involve feeling loved and cared for.

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Mary said...

You ARE indeed blessed, Victoria. Being loved and REALIZING it is the best 'blessing' of all.