Sunday, September 26, 2010

We've had a sweet weekend, quieter than I expected. Bob had a lot of catch up work on lesson plans, so we did not go to San Antonio as we planned. Instead we worked on K.K's little house, got the bed in there, a rod for clothes to hang on, and did more unpacking. She slept out there peacefully for the first time last night and will again tonight. I love the co-housing, the blend of generations, KK's feet in my lap while I write. I feel like I've been given a decade or two, having children in the house again, especially the beautiful mix of toddler and teen. One highlight of the weekend is that Ballet Austin gave KK two tickets free to the ballet, Carmina Burana, which was done with dancers, chorus, and orchestra - so intense and glorious. Stephen Mills is a genius of a choreographer - better every year. Austin is lucky to have him, and symphony director Peter Bay too for that matter.

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Mary said...

Always wonderful to read about the blend of generations. What fun for KK now to have her own little house. I know what you mean about having children in the house for sure.