Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week is moving quickly. Fall has arrived with beautiful clear days and cool nights. KK is sleeping in her little house under quilts, so snug in her bed. We've had some misadventures including a flat tire on Pearl the Prius which Bob and I replaced on the way home from work today - ended up walking to a new to us Mexican diner while the new tires were installed and enjoyed mole and each other's company. More seriously, Chris' bike was stolen from outside the tutoring office in which he works, right in our neighborhood. He rides it every day and is pretty upset. A happy event involved Ruth and Liam watching a local little league team and the nine year old Red Sox inviting Liam into the dugout - his first chance to hang out wiht "the guys". It is bizarre to me that a student at UT ran across campus yesterday firing shots and eventually killed himself on the sixth floor of the library in the basement of which Jeannie works. No one else was hurt and Mark called as soon as he knew to tell us jean was safe.The shooter was a college sophomore, a math major. No one seems to know what caused his behavior. I just keep thinking he was somebody's baby.


Mary said...

Victoria, I thought of you immediately when I heard about the shooter in Austin. I was on the treadmill at the Y. I was relieved when I heard no one besides the shooter was injured, but you are right...he was somebody's baby.

How awful for Chris to have his bicycle stolen. One feels so violated. And though you had a flat tire, at least you made it into a fun adventure and tried a new Mexican place.

Nice that you are continuing to keep your blog regularly again!

Diane T said...

Yes, what a tragedy with the Austin shooter, but at least he was the ONLY one to die. It could have been so much worse.

Sad about Chris' bike! How can someone do something like that?

Love to think about KK in her little house. I'd like to see a picture of that here too.