Thursday, June 24, 2010

The second two days of basketball camp with Zachary staying at our house have been rich in so many experiences for all of us. Zach is at camp with bigger boys and with boys who have already had formal basketball coaching, so he is dealing with being a beginner at something he wants to be really good at - and seeing that others are clearly better. It;s hard, as that experience always is. I'm proud of his perseverance and courage, hanging in and working hard each day, learning so much. We finished our library book about basketball rules last night. It excites me when he can tell me how many points one gets for different kinds of shots, how one makes a bounce pass, what the referee does with his hands to signal "traveling" and so much else. At this point I don't care at all if he's good at basketball, but am thrilled that he throws himself hard into learning and trying.Last night Chris fixed a spaghetti and meatballs dinner (whole wheat for Bob and me) at Zach's request and even made chocolate noodles and cream cheese chocolate balls so there was spaghetti and "meat"balls for dessert too. Bob and I had raspberries over the unsweetened chocolate noodles. Yum! Zachary has had several walks with and play times with the park with and without Liam, all great. Tuesday night K.K. was with us too, between dance classes, and she and I had a pleasant moonlit night walk with both dogs. Bob and I continue to use the gym, and it continues to feel good.


Ann said...

Having had so few opportunities to try sports when I was growing up, I was amazed what my very athletic kids were able to take from organized sports. It might be a stretch to say that empires are won and lost on the playing fields (in fact the "level playing field" metaphor grates on me), but so many lessons can be learned in ways a kid can enjoy. I was also glad that now in history my daughter also has these opportunities. Go, Zachary! Sounds like a wonderful summer already.

Mary said...

It is so neat to read about Zachary's basketball camp experience. It is definitely hard to persevere when there are others who are more experienced, but it is good that he is not deterred by that but, obviously, it gives him something to strive for. It is wonderful to watch a young person who is so enthused about something.

I never heard of chocolate noodles and cream cheese chocolate balls. How nice that Chris made a spaghetti and meatballs meal at Zach's request.

Diane T said...

I am glad that basketball camp continues to go well for Zachary.

And how special to read that Chris fixed Zach spaghetti and meatballs, which he requested.

How neat that Zach and Liam had such nice cousin time and also that KK spent time with you all on Tuesday too!