Friday, June 25, 2010

Basketball camp ended yesterday on a high note, though Ruth and I were both working and unable to see the closing games and ceremonies. Bob watched Zachary play in two games, in which he demonstrated his quickness and developing understanding that it is better to pass than to always shoot. Chris and Liam arrived in time for the award ceremony in which Zachary was proud to receive ribbons for the tournament of games and an individual "around the world" tournament as well as his own basketball and a participation medal. Thank goodness the local resale sports shop, Play IT Again Sports, was willing to blow up the ball, which was given in the package, as yet uninflated. When I got home from work Zachary and I dribbled and passed the ball on the driveway, which was fun for both of us. I haven't played with a basketball in several years. I especially enjoyed hearing all Zach has learned, the labeling of bounce, chest and overhead passes, and his reminder to me to dribble with soft hands "like a cat", which he demonstrated beautifully. I love how hard he worked this week, in a group of around 100 boys he didn't know, mostly older, and how much he learned. The balance of personal best, quest for learning and growth, and the competitive culture is hard for me still and I really respect and feel honored to watch Zachary find his balance on that issue. It was also plain fun to have him around for the week. I also am very thankful to be married to Bob, who is the one who found the basketball camp otion, who finds so many enrichment options for all of us which I would never pick up.

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Mary said...

So nice to hear that basketball camp ended on a high note, and wonderful to read that Zachary received ribbons. I feel it is very important for childre to receive recognition for participation, whether or not they are #1. I am sure this basketball experience for Zach will be something that will be with him for a long time to come. What a good gift to him you chose!