Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's hard to believe it's Thursday morning again. Time seems to be getting away from me which is odd. I don't feel "busier" than usual - though maybe the difference was going to baseball games with Bob during the weekend. (The Longhorns won their regional and we will be attending and hoping for good results at the super regional against a strong TCU team which starts tomorrrow.) Also tomorrow, Ruth and Chris will have been married ten years. That's another example of time getting away from me for sure - such rich years with all the growth in their lives in education and love, and the struggle with infertility, the death of little unborn Mira (I still imagine her possible curls against my cheek with a sad yearning for the lost dream), and now the robust presence of Liam in all our lives and the joys of co-housing. Also this afternoon Bob has an interview for a high school math job locally. Times really are changing . Back to work with me for now..


Mary said...

I hope that the Longhorns do well this weekend, and congratulations to Ruth and Chris on occasion of their 10th anniversary. Good luck to Bob on his job interview!

Ann said...

What a rich, full time, Victoria.