Saturday, May 22, 2010

My blog seems very Jewish lately and that is odd to me because I don't think of myself too frequently in terms of my religious orientation - spiritual practices yes, but not so much their origin and tradition - but here I am just home from a chanting service (really lovely) by visiting rabbi Sheva Gold and having thoroughly enjoyed a hafdallah (end of Sabbath) service on the deck with Ruth Chris and Liam before dinner. I do apprecialte my traditions obviously. i wrote a poem today though that kind of ecplains why thinking of my orientation and beliefs is less important to me than to many people. As I wrote before, I won't be putting many poems here now that I have the poetry blog, but this sems important to explain me and religion.

Proof Futile

Futile to require proof

of God, Heaven, Hell,

Sufficient to access strength

deeper than my own.

Sufficient to find guidance,

peace in spiritual practice.

Sufficient to draw wisdom

from my dear beloved dead.

Sufficient to believe my own

influence will outlast breath.

Victoria Hendricks May 22, 2010


Peggy said...

I like this poem of yours very much Victoria and have always been impressed by the wonderful way you bring your spirituality into your life. Blessings.

Ann said...

Thanks for inviting us into a portion of your spiritual journey, Victoria. It helps me to know how people live their lives fully.

Mary said...

Victoria, I love your poem "Proof Futile." I have NO doubt that your influence will outlive breath.
No doubt at ALL!

It is interesting to hear you say that your blog sounds very Jewish lately. Truthfully I will tell you that I enjoy that aspect of it, as I really do NOT know many Jewish people and your blog gives me insight I would not have otherwie. Through you I have gained a deeper appreciation of Judaism, and that is no small thing.

I think about my blog, and I really wonder if one can tell it is a Christian person's blog. Most of the time, probably not.

I do think relgion is integral to a person, and I will have to think about this as far as my blog goes. I am not sure why except that I consider a person's spiritual belief's integral and something that should be known. Don't you?

Diane T said...

I like very much "Proof Futile." I enjoy thinking of EACH of the 'sufficient' concepts. So true!