Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend is over. This is the first Memorial Day in the last several that I haven't watched the national ceremony and concert - I am sad though for all the families still losing sons and daughters in war, and thankful to our military, past and present - especially Bob's Dad who served in World War Two, Korea, and Viet Nam. Thank you Dubby. Bob came home for the weekend and is back in Corpus until Friday. He joined a gym yesterday, with a membership that allows me to be his guest every time he goes. We used the tread mills together yesterday and that was good, though I think Ruth is right that the eliptical machine is better for my knee. I am deeply sad about the leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico, hoping to get some of my feelings about that into poetry - also concernes about affairs in the Koreas and Israel.


Mary said...

I think Bob and you will enjoy the gym this summer. In the gym I am more a treadmill person, as I can watch an individual television. However, an elliptical machine burns more calories. I used to do the ellipse more often than I do now.

I am very scared about Korea and Israel situations. VERY. And the oil spill situation gets more horrific by the day.

Diane T said...

Yes, I am thankful for the military too, but never want to see war. And it is so sad to think about the deaths that have been and the continuing deaths of those in military today.

Enjoy the gym!