Monday, November 16, 2009

The poetry prompt today was "clouds..." It surprises me where my mind takes me.

Clouds Color

Clouds color sunset.
Clear day fades unremarkably.
Clouds echo with turbulance,
Flare golden apricot, catch flame,
Stormy day, survived, ends in glory.

Today, however, was not a cloudy day, literally or metaphorically, though we did have a thuinder storm during the night. The day dawned cool crisp windy, leaf fall proceeding, one of my favorite kinds of day. I spent the day helping Joanna unpack into the new house, with success. Andrea is at the age that she doesn't want to be put down, so having hands to pack and unpack is hard. We made great progress, though there is a long way to go. This afternoon Danny and I had so much fun and success working together unpacking boxes of toys and creating some new storage systems. He was a perfect helper, so quick and willing (or maybe I was his helper). Then when Joanna and I took K.K. to ballet, though traffic was heavy, we had great conversation in the car about all kinds of favorites - K.K. led - favorite dog, movie, book, musical, ballet. Sharing was fun and continued after we left K.K. at class. It was Chris' gaming night with friends so Ruth and Joanna and I went out for Mexican dinner and margaritas without babies - delightful! So despite my poem, my clear day ended in glory or at least great happiness.


Mary said...

Sounds like your non-cloudy day was a productive and enjoyable one. Wonderful that Danny is such a good helper! The car discussion with KK sounds neat. I like it when young people / children take the lead in conversations like this.

Judy Roney said...

Oh, your day does sound like it ended in great pleasure with the "girls" going out for Mexican dinner. I love your cloud poem, too. I would have liked to have read your perspective before I wrote mine and I could have added a bit of color to my own. :) I enjoyed the vision your cloud poem gave me. Your whole post left me with a smile.

Anonymous said...