Monday, November 09, 2009

It's both sad and good helping Joanna's family move houses. I remember helping them move into the big house, and now leaving it seems just as right as buying it did then. I felt tears in my throat when Danny stood in the empty center of his ocean room Joanna painted with murals for him and said he would miss it. He will. He is hoping for new murals in the new room he and Zachary share. It was probably my last time in the big house today. I didn't think about that until right now. K.K. and I had a sweet moment at the end sitting on the stairs, just visiting while we waited for Joanna to get us with the car. Then I gave K/K's day a painful ending by slamming her fingers in the car door (not broken but painful) I felt terrible, and know that I make physical mistakes when I'm tired. That scares me about myself.


Mary said...

I am sure it is a relief to have the moving completed...but a good feeling of satisfaction as well, a new beginning in a new setting sometimes feels good.

Judy Roney said...

Ah, those bitter sweet moments of leaving one place and starting anew. I bet Joanna and your grandchildren will all get a new lease on life in their new home (that is a familiar one to them). That doesn't take away from the sadness of leaving a place where there are so many memories.
I'm so sorry about KK"s fingers. I did that once with Jeni when she was a child. It was awful so I can understand how you feel. I still remember Jeni's face to this she never said a word but the look of shock that I would do such a thing was overwhelming.

Anonymous said...