Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween is over and I am sad, just like when I was little. I don't want to take down the decorations, which alwyas make me smile. Our weekend was a good one. We watched K.K. dance in a school related performance - all the middle school and high school dance students in her district in performance. It was impressive what the teachers were able to do with so many kids on stage at once and such a range of skills. K.K.'s training shows, and she looked really happy in her school setting. We met her friend Tasha, whose Halloween party she attended - first time not trick or treating with the family. Going out wiht the boys and Joanna, Tracy, and Andrea was a kick - just a happy feeling walking around in the cozy neighborhood admiring costumes and listening to the boys greet school friends. Drea was an adorable elephant who LOVED her little trunk. Liam was an equally adorable little green monster.

This week bob will be in charge of fourth grade PTA program and his kids will be featured in Native American inspired dances. We made a trip to Whole Foods this afternoon to get foods that originated in the Americas to be used in the harvest dance. It was fun gathering all the different shapes and colors, textures and sizes of fruits and vegetables. I think my favorites were the tomatillow - which always surprise me with their papery coating, and a big warty golden and green gourd. Wish Bob's little dancers well. He is nervous, and I think saome of them are too.

I'm trying a poem a day challenge this month - but not with great confidence. THe first prompt is to write about the Day of the Dead and I'll give it a try,


Early Halloween dusk, waxing moon.
Cardinal perches perfectly still
on bright patch of winter grass,
oblivious to voices, prowling cat,
laughing baby. Family gathers,
worried, amazed, in awe, watches
together until cardinal stirs,
takes flight into fading light,
no ordinary visitor. Identity undisclosed.
All Souls, All Saints, All mystery.


Peggy said...

I like your poem with its mystery. And it is always sad to take down decorations I think--even for the family birthdays. I used to have fun decorating the kitchen with streamers and balloons for each birthday person to get up to on his or her special day. We'd leave it up for a week and it was always so much fun. They even liked it as teens I think.

Judy Roney said...

I love Halloween, too, Victoria. The decorations always make me smile.
You sure had a busy day and a fun it seems like. How cute that even the babies dressed in costumes. I wish I could see a photo of them.
What a great poem for Halloween. I love the mystery.

Mary said...

Halloween really is 'ho hum' to me. Different strokes. I think of all the candy that kids get. Too much, and unnecessary. I like the idea of "All Saints Day" which comes around Halloween. Now that is something I can identify with.

I am sure you will do well with a poem a day. I am..and I intend to keep up, from h--- or high watee as ols saying goes. Just because.

Anonymous said...