Friday, November 13, 2009

Long work week. I think it's time for the upcoming vacation. Ruth is making great progress child-proofing, which is a good thing because Liam is walking, climbong, opening, pulling things out, down, on top of his head. As I write she and K.K. are wotking on the restructuring of garage shelves. I should get K.K. to bed soon since dance starts early tomorrow. I wrote a couple of poems I like this week based on poem a day prompts. I love the way prompts get me to write poems I'd never dream up on my own.

Dead End

If only imobilizes.
No regrets, yearnings, pleas.
No bargains, deals, second guesses.
Only mindful action now.


We construct wisdom
against nature - uphill,
build against impulse.
My prayer is for strength
to choose, today, tomorrow,
to lay another shimmering stone.


Mary said...

Child proofing is so important. Glad Ruth is taking this so seriously. I agree with you about the prompts getting me to write poems I'd never dream up on my own. I was so happy tonight that I was able to write three poems and am now up to date.

Diane T said...

I love your "Constructed" poem. So often you are able to express such big ideas in few words.

Judy Roney said...

How amazing to think of Liam getting into everything already. He's certainly doing things early.
I also like being challenged with the poem a day and writing things I never thought of before.
I love to think of all the shimmering stones you are laying.

Anonymous said...