Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life is such a balance, that which tires and that which refreshes. Writing promts this week, and the weariness of work well done inspired a couple of poems.


Wildness, beyond wires and buildings
wide horizon unlimited, big sky,
out of time, unconnected, no ringers,
numbers, appointments, one right answer
feet on the ground, wind water sounds.
Unexpected animal activity, coyote howl,
Peregrine in pine, Western Pygmy butterflies.
Mystery, unexpected secrets, freedom.
Wildness, beyond designed thought,
evokes words, peace, rest, joy.

Erev Shabbat (my favorite holy day)

The sun on the tree tops no longer is seen.
Week over, work over, responsibilities lain,
Candles lit, light gathered, weary faces smile.
Wordless song rises into cooling night.
All is never right with the world.
Ever Shabbat, I let my troubles rise.


Peggy said...

Wonderful poems Victoria. i am back here reading blogs again after being away for a period. Love your updates.

Mary said...

I appreciate your blg with its mix of poetry and prose, philosophy and family happenings. I agree with Peggy that these are wonderful poems.

Mary said...

I keep checking this blog and don't find any updates. I miss them. I hope to find one soon.

Judy Roney said...

Your words are so often inspirational for me, Victoria. I'm so glad you are writing and posting. I love your idea of balance, that which tires and that which refreshes.
I hope we can always remember to let those troubles rise. I love your explanations of your holy days.

Anonymous said...