Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know worrying is useless. I know most children who get swine flu have mild cases and recover quickly. I know the lives of children I love are no more precious than the lives of any other children, including the far too many children starving, living in war zones, suffering all over the world. And still, when I look at Liam taking his first brave unassisted steps across the kitchen floor, I think about the five year old girl who went to school a few blocks away from my office and died of swine fluy yesterday. She was healthy before she got the flu, had a pediatrician her mother called, just got sick and died within a few days. It scares me. The scared part of me wants to just close the office and hope they'll close the schools and everybody hole up - and that doesn't really make sense, so I gather my faith and courage for one more day,


Mary said...

The swine flu worries me too, Victoria. This is a major reason why I did not go to the YMCA at all with Mya. I fear what other children in 'kid care' might pass to her unaware and also know that she has 'something,' the same thing I have.....which I am not yet ready to say was not a mild case of swine flu. I did think that this week the best thing was to be protective of myself and of Mya and stay away from places, as much as possible, where things could be passed.

It is so sad about these young children, even children with no underlying condition, who die from swine flu. How can a parent prepare for this? How awful this is! That is why I want to protect Mya as much as possible from exposure; but if I hole up with her for the winter the season will be a long one. I really don't know what to do.

Judy Roney said...

I am worried about the swine flu, too, Victoria. I don't know how schools and places that have child care can possibly keep the flu from spreading. I do believe that everyone is taking more precautions than ever before though. There are no absolutes I guess.

Anonymous said...