Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I feel a bit crazy this afternoon. The schedule book that holds my professional brain has disappeared. I have no idea who is coming for app[ointments this afternoon or tomorrow or when, so I just sit at the front desk between sessions and greet all comers. So far, everyhing has worked fine - but it's disconcerting. I have NEVER misplaced the schedule book - have good routines for keeping up with it. I've looked hard at the office and at home. I'm hoping it is in Chris' car - maybe fell out of my bag when I was taking it home Friday. Got to find the thing, but no ppoint in writing more about it.

On more interesting points, it's a chaotic but productive day for Joanna, Ruth, Chris and Tracy. They have the moving truck again and are moving the couch and glorious chair and a half and some other large items from Ruth's house to ours and then Joanna's furniture to Ruth's house. A big job, though Joanna and Tray have done a lot of the moving out already. At least the houses where most of the stuff is are only a few blocks apart. It will be fun to go home and see our house with real furniture in the living room (and beautiful furniture at that).

On the Grandma front, I really really really must spend more time with Andrea and the boys. I get K.K. because of her dance schedule and the location of the studio and Liam because of the co housing, but Andrea is still quite justifiably afraid of both Bob and me - really wary. That won't do for much longer. Got to win that little heart. Of course even Liam, who knows me well, much prefers parental arms when distressed. The boys at least I know well and they me - always great hugs and conversations, just not enough time together. I'm proud of Danny for winning an award at school for kindness and cooperation - real strengths of his. K.K. won some kind of general good student award too, not sure exactly. She's a Chinese dancer in the Nut Cracker this year as expected. It's funny how routine and yet how special the Nut Cracker is for our family now. The first year she was an angel was such a big deal. Now it is just a good part of our life.

WE had a little dinner party ;last ight - Jean and Mark with house residents and Joanna dropped in at just the right moment. I lovecooking for peopke I love - and using farmers' market produce makes it even better. The crew loved the patty pan squash, which made me inordinately happy. Even with my schedule book lost, life is good.


Ann said...

The changes in your family settings make my head spin, Victoria, and, of course, the transitional phases of packing boxes and empty spaces waiting for furniture brings back many uncomfortable memories of my moving years, but the love and closeness of your family comes through loud and clear. All else is just details!

Mary said...

It seems like everyone is working together for a good transition. So much moving going on makes me tired. LOL.

Congratulations to Danny on his award for kindness and co-operation. That is HUGE.

I hope you get to see Andrea and the boys more often..

mary j. said...

I am glad your schedule book was found! I can imagine how disconcerting the day was without it.

Fun to continue reading of the adventures of co-housing, and I really liked what you said in your last post about the best parts of being a child, and the joys of being cared for AND getting to care for others. In some ways I think marriage does that too (back to our thread weeks ago about getting 'taken care of' by spouses).

Is Joanna and family moving into Ruth's house?? I wasn't sure about that with your moving descriptions.

I hope you get more time with the other grandkids soon, too. I am sure it is more challenging right now that in addition to the things you usually balance in your life, there are still big changes happening in the house and much time still to pour into organizing and settling – even though a lot of the big stuff sounds like it is done.

Judy Roney said...

Your life is so busy and also joyous right now, Victoria. I was missing your words so much. I hope to get caught up now.
How neat that you will have such wonderful new furniture for you.
I can see how you have to spend time with each grandchild. One-on-one time is so important. I can't wait to see how it will work for me.

Judy Roney said...

I did not realize that Joanna & Tracy were moving into Ruth & Chris' home. What a wonderful idea. This idea keeps spreading. Will they buy the house or rent. What an opportunity and big changes for all of you.

Anonymous said...