Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We celebrated K.K.'s thirteenth birthday yesterday - hard to believe. It's good to have her the age she is and who she is - scholarshipped dancer, about to fly off to Denver to visit Margie and Dave before our family vacation. I loved having Jean and Mark and Marie and Bill present for the party, which I wouldn't have made happen, but Bob did. So good to be married to someone who is good at making things happen in ways in which I am just not. The boys were darling yesterday, sociable Danny handing out animal medicine cards to guests, Zachary enjoying the presence of his "birthday twin" and special adult friend David. Liam and Andrea were precious baby selves, handed back and forth and crowed over by the women present. I love watching Jeannie and Marie (and K.K. and Ruth and actually, Chris too) with the babies. I missed Joanna, who is still caught in a storm of work, and am glad Tracy was able to drop in for a minute on his way to work.