Sunday, July 05, 2009

good day - lots of progress on organizing family artifacts, mostly needlework. I'm writing notes and stories and putting them in the cedar chest with the items I'm saving (Ruth's idea) so it's kidn of a 3D scrapbook. I'm loving looking at my Grandma Anna's handwork. She lived so carefully, like she stitched, attention to detaiol, love in every stitch.


Peggy said...

I am way behind in reading blogs but am enjoying catching up. Good idea about putting the needlework in a chest with notes. i have a number of beautiful hand-done pieces from my mother and her family with no idea of the history of the pieces. Some of those older needlework things are amazingly detailed.

I can't remember enough of the courage quotes specifically to vote on them but I did enjoy so many of them. Do you have a new theme for July? Where did you find them?

Anonymous said...