Friday, October 30, 2015

Record Rain for one day in Austin

I think its worth recording here that we had record rainfall for one day in Austin today - fourteen inches at the airport!  I went into work truly soaking wet for the first time ever, and during my ten o'clock phone session the rain was so loud on the skylight that I had trouble hearing myself. Apparently it was better on the other end of the phone!  Fortunately the rain slowed way down before noon, but there was flooding and numerous road closings anyway.  Tracy and his trainee are still stuck in the truck on I 35 because the highway was flooded near Troy/  They were supposed to be in San Antonio by five and are just starting to move north of Austin now at eleven thirty.   Liam's school was evacuated into the sanctuary of the synagogue where they rent space (and Liam's math group was forgotten and left in the classroom for too long.  Eventually someone remembered the math group and got them into the sanctuary for the tornado warning.  Thank goodness the tornado didn't hit!)   Tonight the holding pond is full but not flooding and Shoal Creek is not as high as it was at noon.  We may have more rain in the morning.  I'm glad Sweets and I got our walk in before the rain started up again.It's ironic that we were expecting major weather last weekend because of Hurricane Patricia and just got rain.  Today it was just supposed to rain and we got major weather.  I'm one of the odd ducks who kind of likes it that weather, even these days, is not completely predictable.

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Mary said...

14 inches of rain is WAY too much to deal with! I am glad everyone in your life is okay, and also that Sweets & you had time for a walk!