Sunday, October 25, 2015

Resuming this blog

January 1, 2014 I posted here for the last time.  That is just weird.  So much has happened in almost two years that I haven't chronicled here.  I don't know why I stopped using this resource to chronicle and share.  partly I short-cutted with Facebook.  It is so easy to share a little there every day and believe I am  keeping a journal blog.  but I'm not really.  It's just notes on Facebook.  Too brief.  Too much need to edit.  So I want to start again here on this quiet rainy weekend, and in my poetry blog too.  I want more connection with myself and others, more of my life on record.  so that is the intention.

Where to start?

With  the short list I guess, of milestones past since last I touched this blog.

Both of Bob's parents died and are missed.  Family saw them through to the end as they always saw family through.  We closed their house and it has been sold.  I wear GG's jewelry almost every day and we eat from their bowls and try to continue their legacies of service, loyalty, music and laughter., 

KK was diagnosed with a stage three melanoma on her arm, underwent surgery and, after a terrible period of fainting spells and pain during her senior year pronounced cancer free and graduated.  She is working now, taking a gap year before college, gaining strength and growing up beautifully

Tracy (heart) and Joanna (sepsis from lodged kidney stone) both had almost fatal illnesses but survived and are better now.  Jo still needs a surgery to remove drainage tube and stone, but that will happen.  The crisis is past.

Bob has just finished, as of today, a fantasy novel featuring Liam and Andrea and their three cousins, Cristina, Micha, and Linda.

It was an overwhelming year, during much of which I felt very helpless, also very much loved and connected to family and community.  I learned more about asking for help (including a Go Fund Me effort when Joanna's family was so beset by health crisis and neither of them could work.)  Usually I am on the giving end. In real need, I was tremendously thankful to help my family receive.

I will stop this re-entry post short.  That way I am more likely to come back tomorrow and chronicle happenings from here.


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Mary said...

Looking forward to what follows, Victoria. Your post here makes me want to think about opening up another blog of mine as well where I wrote about the stuff of daily life! Keep sharing!