Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"The greater light you have, the greater shadow you cast." 
 ~ Jungian Aphorism quoted by Richard Rohr

It was a beautifully sunlit early fall day and the moon is out in full glory. Makes me think about light and darkness, physical and metaphoric.  I'm focusing on trying to spread light. Bob and I voted, which felt good.  My work day was satisfying, as most of them are.  And yet my work as a therapist feels paradoxical.  So much of the work people do with me would not have to be done if  they had not been abused, mistreated, or otherwise really hurt.  Some of the hurts are unavoidable, caused by deaths, illnesses, disappointments.  But too many were cause by clear misuse of power. I work to be very careful with mine.

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Mary said...

Wise words, Victoria!