Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I don't know what's wrong with my hand hands and brain today but I have had three false starts on the yarn bomb neck piece I'm trying to make.  It's the fourth one of the same pattern, and the first three are lovely - exciting for me because I have not knitted with patterns before.  But today's start just eludes me.  I have something on the needles now, but it seems cockeyed.   I'll figure it out or take it off and start yet again but in the mean time I'm thinking about mistakes.  Everybody who knows me knows I collect sayings that I use as charms against perfectionism

Perfection is the enemy of excellence.

Perfection equals paralysis.


I'm thinking tonight about the humility touches in some traditional art., The intentional mistakes in Native American weaving and beading are  examples of this and so is wabi-sabi, the Japanese tradition honoring the beauty of imperfection.  As I understand it, some potters but a thumb print it pottery items to show they were made by hand.  I am definitely not at a place, in any aspect of my life where I have to make mistakes on purpose.  They just happen.


Jae Rose said...

mistakes or happy accidents - I think that could be the joy of many art forms

Mary said...

So true of life....mistakes just happen! Hopefully most are not serious ones... I do like the mention of the humility touches in art, especially the thumb prints in pottery. What a personal way to sign a piece of art for the ages!