Sunday, October 20, 2013

Home again, home again jiggedy jog. Our drive back from Texarkana was uneventful. except that we were able to use it constructively regarding our book plans, which keep fleshing out. We made it back before sunset and arrived to pumpkin carving and tacos cooking. Ruth carved a scary Medusa pumpkin and Liam a funny basic jack and they tested both of them out in my closet, the darkest place in the house. Family dinner felt good, especially giving Liam his gifts of fruit stand north Carolina apples and a picture of his pilot great grandpa in full gear in plane. He was thrilled with both. At this point the suit cases are back in the attic and the trip clothes drying in the drier. Real life here I come, but with flame leaves and silver mists swirling in the back of my mind.

Bob and I also talked about life style changes we want to make - healthier life style.  I am exercising less than I ever have, and that is dumb.  I don't like the way it feels.  Both of us need to lose weight and focus on healthier eating.  I want to reduce my stress and feel safer and more relaxed.   WE also agreed to schedule at least one three hour work pereiod a week on cleaning and moving more thoroughly into our room - 2:30 to 5:30 on Mondays.  The presence of this scheduled time feels good to me.  I want more order in our physical and temporal lives than we've had of late.


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