Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bob and I had a good if slightly tiring travel day. We're in our last hotel and it's a fine one. Bob gets our rooms through Hot Wire and has gotten us some great deals and a variety of comfortable, pretty rooms. Tonight we're in a Courtyard in Texarkana, happy to be off the road where football crowds from football crazed states including Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas are either celebrating or consoling themselves. Our room is gorgeous, all... very modern with reds and classy curved lamps. I feel fancy. Tomorrow I'll have to clean my own room. And also will get to enjoy the comforts of home. We listened to audio lessons about how to appreciate great music from a company called "The Great Courses." I am learning so much, and feeling reassured with what my mind can still take in. I also finished one knitted scarf and started another one in the car. And Bob and I have a decent rough outline for book two - so I have lots to be satisfied with in this moment.

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