Thursday, January 03, 2013

January Theme - Awareness (Awareness 1)

I am sitting up late in the living room of this awesome hotel suite ten floors up with the winter night sky and the Gulf of Mexico at my back. It is absurd that we are paying so little for such astonishing luxury. And I feel a little embarrassed that I find this luxury level quite so delightful. I've been running around like a kid smelling the soap and sitting in all. the chairs, feeling the textures of the pillows, admiring the molding on the ceiling. I took a long bath in the black marble tub and am even wearing the incredibly soft white robe from the closet. And it's all fun. And at the same time I'm thinking about themes suggested like "simplicity" and "less is more" and "letting go" and laugh at myself a little. I am aware of the paradox in myself. I want to live simply and lightly on the earth and am aware of how greatly privileged my life has been compared to the lives of most in this world, and yet I really enjoy luxury and comfort when they fall into my lap. The awareness of that awareness gives me my theme. January is a beginning month and awareness is a beginning. Action and growth spring from awareness. So it is my intention to focus on being as aware as possible this month and on sharing one awareness a day here.

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