Monday, April 30, 2012


I had a great day with Liam, playing with knights on the floor, putting away laundry, fixing dinner, all the ordinary kinds of things that have always given me pleasure. I remember being the kid in that dyad wiht my Grandma Anna, doing all the ordinary things with great attention to detail and shared joy. I hope Liam remembers these days with me in the same way, or if he doesn't remember, has a feeling laid down of pleasure in the ordinary. I'm freaked out about going back to work tomorrow and trying to put my office back together after the popcorn ceiling removal, which apparently caused much more disruption than expected. I'm not even sure we'll have power. KK is pretty amazing right now - so vulnerable and so full of possibilities. I see her afraid every day about challenges in dance and school, trying to balance her happiness in her relationship with her boyfriend with her commitment to keep doing hard things well. Right now she has a lot going on with end of year testing and one last dance show - a couple of choir shows before new York, but she doesn't seem nervous about those. There's something different about her these days, a new reaching for maturity I think, a sense that she needs to grasp more responsibility right now, afraid or not.


Mary said...

I do think Liam will remember these special times with his grandmother, and it is nice that you are taking time to teach him the joys of the ordinary. It is definitely a very special gift, one of the best.

It is so hard to believe that KK would be old enough to have a boyfriend who sounds pretty serious. Time goes way too fast.

Peggy said...

Finally got here and caught up Victoria. I am so glad you are doing these entries again. I think I did respond in e-mail about the office chaos--just breathe! It will be done!

I heard about the book "Quiet" as well and it sounded interesting. I do think our larger culture values extroversion in many ways. But I think another segment of the culture also values introversion a great deal--sees the extrovert as kind of brash, and shallow, and ordinary in a way. My personal goal is to value everyone for who they are. I do think understand the differences between intov and extrov is very helpful though as far as navigating live goes.

I look forward to visiting here often. I do love reading your observations on the rhythm of your life.

Judy Roney said...

I don't doubt one bit that all your grandchildren will always remember the special times with you. Your words sure make me envious of having grandchildren near by.