Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hard Day

It was a hard hard work day - always running late, running after myself, forgetting, chasing, got me home irritable and overstimualted, not quite able to stay balanced and kind with the family I love. I wish I were less anxious, less high strung, easier. I usually make up for my natural intensity with extra self management, but when I let the bottom fall out it really falls out. I sent myself to my room while the others are at the table, trying to gather. I guess I put myself in time out. Living with a three year old is good. Liam doesn't really lose it very often, but when he does I think he feels just like I do tonight and the result isn't all that different. There's something comforting in the universiality of emotion - something I remember from being around children.


Mary said...

It sounds like a rough day, and sometimes after rough days it is hard to hold it all together. I hope that being in your room for a while calmed you, just as it does with small children.

Ruth said...

I am glad you were abl eto take a time out, find sollace and gather yourself. I SO hate that coming apart feeling.

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