Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Picture perfect almost fall weather here. As mornings progress toward noon I can feel the heat of sunlight from the east and the cool breeze from the west at the same moment - a lovely between sensation. K.K. is between too. Last night she and Bob and I attended the open house at the performing arts high school she will probably attend - seems great with a real dance major. The high school students in the arts academy performed beautifully and also were pelasant to talk to, grown up. it reminded me of my old California high school in attitude and excitement. K.K. felt it too, and was happy to see several of her Ballet Austin and school friends in attendance. This afternoon Ruth and Liam and I went to a pumpkin patch which has been held for years by a neighborhood church. I was taken by the varaiety of pumpkins - not only traditional orange in many sizes from tennis ball to doll house, but bright red bumpy, and orange and white striped pumpkins and some green and slightly flattened. There were also gorgeous swan gourds, which are new to me and truly resemble that bird in a number of positions -(various from gourd to gourd). Liam delighted in the pumpkins, found the discipline not to climb the piles or use them as balls. Ruth taught him to "place" the pumpkins gently back down after holding them, and with a little practice that took. We let Liam buy one little fifty cent pumpkin for himself . I gave him two quarters and he took his quarters and his pumkin to the table where a sweet church gentleman negotiated the sale, which he and Liam sealed with a handshike. I love watching the civilization of the children, the ways they learn the rules and traditions of our culture.


Mary said...

How wonderful that Ruth and you and Liam went to a pumpkin patch. Having been to the pumpkin farm recently, I can imagine the joy. So glad Liam enjoyed the pumpkins and got to bring one home for his very own self. So many special times for young children, aren't there?

Diane T said...

Yes, it is such fun to observe children and how they learn the things of culture, isn't it? Liam is at such a nice age right now. Enjoy him.

Then again, KK is at a nice age too. How wonderful that she will probably attend the performing arts high school!

Victoria said...

Mary and Diane, Thank you for your regular support of my blog- all ypur warm comments. They enrich my days.