Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm having a terrible time just sitting down to blog here and I hate it, so much is going on. It's time to resort to bullets again, I think. Let's see what I can do in fifteen minutes befre my first client arrives.

- Living in a multiple generation household continues to be glorious for me. I wish more families would try it without economic necessity or the sense of anybody having failed. It just feels so much more connected for me than the nuclear family every generation to itself way. There is more work (dishes, laundry, logistic decisions, but also more hands and minds to apply to everything), more points of view, not to mention the joy of the kids, the huggles and snuggles from Liam, the chance to see KK bloom academically, personally, and as a dancer. I love being part of a household in which I can be helpful and receive help. Maybe it's the antidote to my happy enough but somewhat isolated years as an only child.

- KK is living in her little house, though the inside is not finished. She adores it and adore spending time out there with her doing homework, organizing, or just chatting - very peaceful. Chris is working on the wiring today and completion is seeming part of the near, not distant future. It is working out great for KK to have her beloved cat Dinah with her in the little house.

- The magnet arts academy at McCallum had an open house last week and KK, Bob , and I were all drop dead impressed. The kid has to audition, but they are still building the dance thread and looking for dancers, so she should get in easily. Her pre-audition workshop is in a couple of weeks.

-Bob has a tough class, especially his afternoon group, and is tired and sometimes discouraged by both their out of control behavior and the lack of interest in learning, but he's hanging in. I help out in the class on Monday afternoons and tutor the refugee students, which is getting easier and more fun.

- KK very generously is sharing the coupons on the backs of old ballet tickets so I can go to Zumba class with her FREE at least once a week. I adore Zumba. I don't jump as high or move as fast as the younger dancers but I have every bit as much fun, even when I still get left and right feet mixed up. Getting to the gym is hard since I can only go as Bob's guest and he's so worn out he doesn't go much. We will get that back, but I will try to keep Zumba, which is a huge joy, with the lively international rythyms and the chance to just bust out and move.

- I'm having fun with the online poetry world, getting acquainted with the work of other poets and hearing their impressions of my work - feels good. If you are interested in this part of my life, check the And Now Poems blog.

- Visiting Joanna's family in their new home and celebrating her birthday was great. The house is small and simple and missing some amenities I have come to take for granted, like a dish washer, but it works for them. Jo has done a good job pf making it homey fast. The boys look and sound great. Danny especially likes his math and science teacher. Andrea is utterly darling and seems to remember me, or at least is very generous with kisses. She takes after her mother and wants the same books read over and over and OVER AND OVER. Joanna says it's payback.

- Time for clients now, but I think I did pretty well for 15 minutes. More later.


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Mary said...

What a wonderful catch-up you did in 15 minutes. I am glad that there is so much joy for you in your multiple generation household. I think they should do a reality television show of your family and its workings.

KK's little house sounds wonderful. A teen-ager's dream, I think. Good to hear that she will probably be going to the magnet arts academy.

Glad you are enjoying zumba. I do know some people at the Y who take this class, but this kind of thing threatens me. I would want to be in the back row. LOL. I do know everyone who does it at the Y has a lot of fun and definitely gets a good workout.

Always nice to catch up with your / your family news.