Friday, October 29, 2010

the local "Boo Zoo" Halloween event with young family friends and K.K. with her daddy for the night. KK is so big! I remember when she, then each of her brothers, was the baby or toddler we took to "Boo Zoo" I felt a little sad being out of the "Boo" loop, but this morning KK and I had fun dressing not quite in costume but in Halloweeny clothes for the last pre-spooky woek/school day. I love it that she wore one orange earring and one black. I love her sense of style. I love it even more that she thinks its fun to dress up with me. I feel more than a little sad that I won't see Danny, Zachary, and Andrea this Halloweenbut have enough perspective to know how fortunate I am to have had them right here so long and close still. In the costumey trend, My friend Beth and I made fall crowns for ourselves today, feathers, beads, stones set on elastic covered with ribbons. They really turned out pretty. I'm wearing mine as I type.

My mood is obviously better than the last couple of days, though Bob's job is still tough and he is in the midst of a sinus infection. He is a little better today and had a less terrible school day. I am feeling the shabbat freshness more than last week and am putting the concerns of making enough enough .

My life trucks along in the midst of an Internationaal Terror alert with some
antiSemites in Ymen mailing explosives to synagogues - deeply distresskubg,

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Anonymous said...

Our zoo had some kind of event this year too, but I didn't partake of it. I am sure it was fun though.

Neat that KK has such a fun sense of style. Good idea to wear one orange earring and one black.

I'm not costumey at all this year, but of course that is not much of a surprise to me as I am not a costumey person.

Mya is going to be Tinkerbelle this Halloween, and Isaac some Star Wars person whose name escapes me. They look forward to trick or treating tomorrow.

Happy Halloween to all of you!