Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet sweet Sabbath - enriched by relief that Joanna's house closed, making everybody's money situation more viable. The Sabbath dinner question tradition moved into it's second week, to my delight. We asked a number (and I love it that K.K. participates thoughtfully and honestly). Introspective exercises with multiple generations participating are about as good as it gets for me. I';; kust share three questions and my own answers, and hope again some of you will respond with your own answers.

What is the root cause of most of your fears? - that I will be unable to provide safety and wise counsel to people I love in situations in which it is within possibility for me to do so - or - at deeper core, failing those I love.

If heaven could look like the home of someone you know, whose would it be - My Grandma Anna and Grandpa Rudolph's house as I remember it from childhood, with peach preserves perfuming the kitchen, the scrap box in the pantry full of bright quilt squares, and the screened in back porch resonating with the singing voices of a loving family.

If you could be any farm animal, what would you be - the sheep dog, tending protecting, herding the brood, and getting some pats and cuddles of approval along the way.


Mary said...

Root cause of fears - that I will not be able to do all I want to do or need to do for myself or others.

Heaven - My parents' kitchen table: playing bridge on a Saturday morning with coffee and donuts.

Farm Animal - No farm animal except a dog for me either - but I'd be that playful toy fox terrier, with boundless energy, who chases mice,squirrels, and birds for fun during the day and sits curled up on laps at night!

Anonymous said...