Thursday, January 21, 2010

I just haven't been blogging - stressed about details that really shouldn't be such a big deal in face of Bob's recent health crisis. He is doing fine teaching this week, has an appointment with the Corpus cardiologist tomorrow which should give us some more answers about his future health status. I know I'm not clear on whether or how much the recent incident with the blood clots will affect our future life together - especially travel. I want to believe everything is still like it was, and I don't know what's true.

My answers to last week's Sabbath questions

What favor would I ask God for myself personally? -mindfulness, the ability to stay in and behave appropriately in every moment.

What would my wish be for all the souls of the world? - empathy, that each would know it was no less or more important than any other, that the well being of each depends on the well being of all.

When have I felt spiritually repressed? -at times, in religious services and elsewhere, when I have wanted to sing out, to sway, to dance, and everyone around me has been proper and quiet and contained.

Thanks for sharing your answers in comments Mary. I hope others will too. And I bet we get another set of questions tomorrow night.


Mary said...

Hoping that Bob's appointment with the cardiologist is an optimistic one.

I'm glad you answered the questions. I had hoped others would too. I will check back for new ones too.

Ann said...

Favor from God: Trusting myself.
Wish for the souls of the world: kindness
Spiritually repressed: when I feel others don't respect my spiritual feeling or paty.

Victoria said...

Thanks for your comments Ann and Mary. More answers are welcome.

Anonymous said...