Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday night - I'm tired and disquieted by violence in the world. What will happen in Palestine with Hamas in office? What should happen? Why did Ariel Sharron fall ill just when he was beginning to act in thel interests of peace. What were local vandals thinking when they scribbled antin-Jewish slogans on the walls of a mosque? Do they not know the difference between mosque and synagogue, or is hate for anyone different so indiscriminate that there really is no difference in their eyes? Bob reports kids in his class stealing readily - some being trained to shoplift by their parents - and the gap between rich and poor gets bigger. How can we keep turning our heads? What can we do differently? Seven kids from one family are killed in a car wreck (not the driver's fault) and public scrutiny focuses on the fact that the driver was fifteen and usning her learner's permit illegally. Why do we hang onto the belief that we can keep oursleves safe by pointing the finger - blaming victims for their misfortunes?

And in the midst of all my questions and concerns - Bob and I have learned that we enjoy playing Scrabble. KK receied an award at school on Friday for always doing her personal best - something very true of her. The sky this afternoon was robin's egg blue - not the milk glass blue of winter sky, but hinting at spring. The sunset the last two nights has been intensely appricot - flaming, exploding apricot.

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Ruth said...

I love your appreciation for the cosmic AND. I'm right there with you--it's easy to feel overwhelmed by how much big bad pain and wrong there is in the world. And easy to want to snuggle down in our comfortable lives and let the world take care of itself. Both are natural reactions.

I think there is a quote that says something like "there is nothing unhealthy about being dissatisfied with a world that is inherently posionous--it just means you aren't dead yet". There is so much in this world to which the proper reaction IS rage and tears. When we cease to feel it we cease to be fully human. And the same goes for the blessings of our lives.

I love how fully you are alive, compassionate, appreciate, human.