Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cozy afternoon. Bob and I have escaped ordinary time and are all snuggled up in a condo in the pine woods of northeast Texas. I am thrilled with this Silver Leaf resort - Holly Lake Ranch near Big Sandy ( should have known it would be incredible since Ruth picked it.) We have a fireplace and a giant tub, and I am really impressed by the management and amenities - a food treat basket in the kitchen and a bath treat basket by the tub, an activity center run by friendly women and well stocked with games and books - a tiny theater showing G and PG movies in the afternoons, playground, minigolf, volleyball, ping pong, shuffle board - even archery. This would be a wonderful place to hang out with grandkids, and maybe we will do that some other time. Right now Bob and I have been so busy we just want to BE - out of context, no pressure. We'll explore Caddo Lake State Park at some point this long weekend. Tonight we may check out a Scrabble game. Bob told me when we were looking at games that he suspects he is better at Scrabble than I am even because I know words well because he is better able to figure out how to make letters work for maximum points. I'm not so sure. I don't want to be competitive - I mean, we're a team and it really doesn't matter who is better at Scrabble or anything else - however, I have long standing pride about my competence at word games. I think I want to gove Srabble with my husband a try (odd that in all our marriage we haven't played Scrabble together.)

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Ruth said...

The place really was incredible--thank you for sharing it with us! I laugh when I think of you guys talking about who will be better at scrabble. It is such a funny thing to get competitive about and yet I've had that same playful tension in my marriage.

There must be something less wordy about scrabble than other word games. Because Chris uses a million cool and interesting words (some I don't even know if ARE words) and I still beat him every time. Chris is better at Boggle than I am and I didn't expect to be better at Scrabble than him.

I agree with what you said on the phone: we should play a NON competitive game of Scrabble sometime. I dont like all the pressure to win! (and though he says he doesn't pressure me he does: bragging about how good I am feels like pressure!) It seems weird how that game brings out all our competitive natures. I even tried to get Chris to play a game without keeping score while we were there--but apparently that is not an option!