Friday, May 04, 2012

Stilts and the Moon

I remember seeing stilts for the fiorst time in a book when I was pforbably four - red wooden painted stilts a boy was walking on - so tall!   I was impressed.  There was a pogo stick on the same page.  Anyway, there is a wonderful, calm, polite crew working on our office now -so different from last week.  They are taping and floating the ceilings and they work on STILTS.  I've never seen this substitute for ladders before and it thoroughly impresses me.  Their stilts are silvery metal, not painted red, and all seem to use them quite efficiently.

The moon was huge tonight - supposed to be even bigger tomorrow night.  I'm in a happy mood after a busy week, happy to have arranged reclaimed bookshelves to allow more book space in my office, happy to have so many of the ones I love safe and together in one home, happy KK is finishing up a great Freshman year in high school, happy that tomorrow Bob and I celebrate our anniversary.  We'll have to take advantage of that big moon.


Mary said...

So much to be happy about, Victoria. I missed the moon last night. Will try to attend to looking for it tonight. How nice that this 'big moon' happens on yours and Bob's anniversary. Happy anniversary to both of you.

Peggy said...

I hope you had a happy anniversary celebration with the big moon. Also good news about the calmer conditions at your work--that has been a long haul! I love the stilts! I wonder if they only hire people who can walk on stilts. Much more practical than a ladder! I think I will have to be on the look-out for such things.