Monday, November 28, 2011

It seems important to try to write everyday here to try to get my groove back. I don't like hte amount of stress I'm feeling these days, especially after having read an article about long term stress contributing to women having heart attacks. I want to have less struggle, less anxiety, more times of just enjoying life, and that should be easy at this point because nothing is wrong - nobody is really sick. it is just the everyday things like minor conflicts with KK and trying to deal with order in the house and scheduling at work that I wear myself out over. i've got to stop this and maybe writing daily will help, at least help me notice how much of a problem my stress level is.

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Mary said...

I am sorry about your feelings of stress. I do think that writing daily here will give you a handle on your stress level and perhaps be a way to diffuse it. Blessings.