Saturday, November 26, 2011

I hate that I'm not keeping up this blog. I used to love writing it, with quotes and commentary on all kinds of things. Lately it just feels hard. My decision is to close it out or push through the block and make it alive again. Half dead it depresses me and that won't do.

I don't have full ressurection capacity tonight. It will take awhile, but I have a couple of thoughts.

The Wednesday Wars is a really good coming of age book set in the era in which I came of age. It's male perspective and a little too cute for my taste in places, but it also really hits home regarding the events of that wonderful terrible spring when Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobb Kennedy were killed, the draft and the War in Viet Nam were all too real, and The Times They are A'changin was in the air. I still have a sweet sad spot in my heart for 1968, the year I left home - the year I left California when so many other young peoplke were heading there. The book gave me good chills.

Thanksgiving and the recent trip to Tulsa gave me a new take on cousins. It really is wonderful to have close cousins. I had/have perfectly decent cousins but age differences and location kept us from ever being really close. My grandkids love having cousins and being cousins.It makes me happy to watch. I'm lucky to have married into a family that does cousinship well.

Fall continues to be my season. I come alive wiht the wind and the crispness in the air. Tonight we took a sunset walk with Liam and the moon was just a brush stroke of a crescent, Venus and Jupiter both bright against a darkening sky. It doesn't get much better than that.

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Mary said...

Oh, don't close this blog! There is too much YOU in it. The book The Wednesday Wars really must have affected you, as you have mentioned it in a few places. I am still trying to find my groove with reading, but DID manage to do so yesterday for an hour on the treadmill (rather than watching CNN), and I think I will continue to do that. The book I was reading was Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut. I do think this is one I will finish.

Nice that you had fun with observing the cousins. My closest cousins were quite an age difference from me. I always wished for cousins who would be closer in age to me. And I wish my grandchildren all lived closer together, as they all DO enjoy being cousins.