Sunday, July 24, 2011

This seems to be theatre weekend. Bob and I went to the Harry Ransom center, a local museum, this afternoon and explored an exhibit about Tennessee Williams and his work. It was inspiring to be around so much information about his writing process, letters that showed how hard he worked. He always seemed like a magical genius to me. I still remember the first time I read the script for The Glass Managerie, especially the stage directions for it as a memory play. It was one of those pieces of art that just took me beyond normal thought to a magic place. I think back then he just produced work of that quality naturally, and to some extent he did, but he also worked very hard and steadily at it, sriting something, play, poetry, short story for three or four hours most every day. As one who writes, I find that encouraging. To write something remarkable, I must first WRITE.


Ann said...

Write on, Victoria. I remember feeling similar emotions when I visited the Dickens House in London. I could barely pry my fingers from the glass cases with scraps of writing, a pen, an inkwell, a letter, like the energy and genius would flow through my hands. (Sorry for my fingerprints, museum people.)

Mary said...

I love theater too. Diane and I had season tickets to the Repertory Theater. I love live theater. I agree with your last statement. "To write something remarkable, I must first write." Yes, indeed.