Friday, July 01, 2011

I feel the Sabbath peace tonight after an especially tiring work week and a lovely meal with family, then synagogue services. I also feel sad. The little house next to the office is gone, as if it had never been there. That really shakes me, makes everything seem so fragile. I think of houses as permanent, I guess, though i know they are not given bull dozers. The summer heat is oppressive, which also makes me feel vulnerable/ Tomorrow Ruth and Chris and I will go to the funeral of the grandfather of a young friend, a man who was a strong and positive influence in his grandson's life. My friend Diane remains very ill. I feel death in life more strongly than usual right now, and the need to give everyone I love an extra kiss if possible, at least an extra word of encouragement. Life is hard and life is good. We are all in this together, bound to each other by our mortality and our breath.


Mary said...

Interesting to think about the little house being gone now, as if it never existed. I guess houses don't leave their marks as strongly as people hopefully when I am gone, there will be something behind to prove my existance. Thinking of even a grand building such as the WTC. Now gone. So hard to believe I once had dinner atop of it. I have a picture to prove it. Perhaps there are people who took pictures of the little house too.

Victoria said...

Mary, I bet there are pictures of the little house and that I can find some - son't know why I didn't think of that. And yes, people leave stronger impacts that buildings, even big ones like the WTC. i've seen the picture of you and Diane and friends dining on the top of it.