Friday, June 10, 2011

Someone stole my wallet out of my purse in my office right in the middle of the office day today - shocks me, both the boldness and the desparation and/or selfishness. I don't have alot of emotion about this. I still think most people are trustworthy most of the time, but I will not keep cash in my wallet at work anymore, just in case. I mourn the loss of that bit of trust. I want to live in the world as if people can be trusted and mostly I do, don't like to feel I have to protect mself or my belongings, but I will.

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Mary said...

I am sorry this happened to you, Victoria. How dreadful. I do think as well most people are trustworthy most of the time. I don't blame you for opting not to keep cash in your wallet anymore. Or maybe only a few dollars!